This is my place on the internet to share and express myself.  It will be my intention to try and use this medium to show my friends, but especially the youth of this world, how if we don’t stop and take in this wild ride we call life, we will miss it, and a difficult time even remembering it!!!

I have done it all but travel, and if I am lucky enough, I will make an attempt to give that a try. I grew up in a twilight zone, Scarsdale New York. Everyone was rich, no I mean it, everyone. It was the richest community in the US, per capita, and I got to live there, Thanks Sol and L.M. [My Mom and Dad] My freshman year I went to my first party at a home with 18 bathrooms! I could not wait to get home to tell my Mom, and she told me with a straight face,” You know Philip, people with that many bathrooms……………..are full of shit!! I laughed until the next day. The man who lived there is still living there today @ the age of 94. Is that great? I will tell you about my Dad’s Rolls Royce [$21,000 brand new, you can't buy a chevy for that now] MY 1967 Corvette Coupe, $4040 out the door. That same 1967 car today is worth $100,000 .

I will tell you about my good and bad decisions in my business world. Of my two wives, four sons, and my girlfriend of 22 years, who died from that horrible disease, cancer.

I will tell you stories and show you pictures of the great times I have had and tell you unique stories that few have experienced. I will keep you posted on my diet and my quest to be relatively thin again.

It will be my pleasure to take you for a wild story ride, that we both can enjoy so when I finally check out of this life, some of you will tell the story of Chicagofatphil

Love ya all